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Learn to Express Your Heart Through the Voice

Learn to Express Your Heart Through the Voice


We are Sudevi Vilasini and Ojasvi, international Kirtan singers. We often call ourselves soul singers because music as an expression of emotions directly comes from the soul. We use the light combination of traditional South Indian and Western music schools to create a comfortable atmosphere towards expressing your emotions, or we say your heart, with your tongue. And it is an exceptional feeling!


Our musical journey began long ago in the 90s through practicing Bhakti yoga or the yoga of Devotion. After visiting the holy land Vrindavan (India), we got insights into our potentials and were inspired to create our unique way of performing Devotional music. The study of yoga psychology and music for extensive periods unveiled the specifics of our capabilities, which were much profound than we thought.
On our journey, we came across so many people who wished to learn about music but held themselves back being or too shy or busy, or they couldn't realize that every person can train themselves to become a singer! After all, the voice is just an instrument, which needs the proper tuning.


Music as a sound vibration is super effective for yoga, meditation, study, deep sleep, healing, and relaxation because it opens the secrets of spiritual frequencies. Our body and mind are perfect receivers of frequencies from all around. Therefore to find and learn to nourish your frequency represents essential value in life. 


In this worldwide pandemic situation, we often experience strong pressure. That is why we formed this specific program for you based on our knowledge about sound and voice.
This course is designed to help you evoke the energy and emotions, which are substantial for maintaining the fundamentals of life in such uncertain times. 


The method we offer we based on our lifelong singing experience, which has been developed with the influence of the very ancient Indian Carnatic music and singing. Being a summary of the fusion of sound therapy and singing practice method we use gives the result of achieving the perfect balance in life and emotions.


Our program “Learn To Express Your Heart Through Your Voice” is a 1,5-month journey molded deliberately for all those of you who desire to enhance and nurture many varieties of skills already within you, with just one hit! 

To open the heart, it needs some time. Our program constructed to guide you through practical techniques for hacking through the personal roadblocks, eventually resulting in freeing inhibited and blind spots, which all of us have!

During this course, we will:

- learn about the nature of the sound and listening
- learn basic theory on singing and voice culture based on famous
South Indian school of singing Carnatic 
- learn special exercises for relaxing body and mind
- learn notes and rhythm 
- learn breathing exercises for singers
- learn how to focus during the singing and feel confident
- learn essential singing exercises 
and much more.

Our course contains 6 weeks with 3 lessons per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Time is 6 pm CET, 50/60 min per each class. We work with small groups of 3-4 people via Skype.


It is not only about the voice. It’s about the improvement of physical health too! All techniques of breathing, focusing, and learnability we teach our students in our classes help to reduce a significant amount of physical and mental pains, disorders, tiredness, and weaknesses in the body. The absence of these faults will boost your health, and you will always feel energized.


Our course allows learning how to enhance your vocal abilities and express the emotion of your soul! 
Our soul gifts are priceless, and they need daily nurture. Nurtured well, these all will help us to find our worthiness, wealth, and joy. 
We are very eager to share this knowledge with you and turn disadvantages into advantages. 
You will learn to find your vocal range, strengthen the voice, sharpen it, and use it as a tool to create your individual, unique frequency. 

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During the many years of teaching, 98% of our students experienced a significant change within their bodies and minds after just a few first lessons!
These were: stabilized work of heart, circulation, blood pressure, lightness in lungs, stability in the stomach. 

These were just side effects next to the immense joy which they were experiencing. The reactions were very emotional. At its core, these exercises enhance the intensity of oxygenation. Cell nutrition processes get raised to a higher level, which purifies the body from toxins. What to say about our private life, where it all brings a much better quality of life, uplifts the level of confidence, communication, and clarity in personal relationships.

Cecilie, Teacher, Norway

At the end of 2019, I participated in the first Vocal training course, and it really helped me in my practice as a hobby musician. I got more awareness about how I can use my voice with more power and depth, and I loved all the exercises as they felt like meditation with my voice in the center. I really recommend this course if you want to develop your voice and also experience calmness in your mind and body.

Leonid, Engineer, Russia

With this course, I developed a base for my daily voice training, got skilled in playing harmonium, and got an initial understanding of the South Indian music school. The unusual exercises that I learned in this course help me to determine the range of my voice.
I also liked the amazing and inspiring teachers who held this course! I thank the Lord for this opportunity, and I hope to continue.


Join us and heal yourself through the power of your voice! It’s never too late! Anyone can join us on this journey regardless of their age, gender, and capabilities. Stop worrying and start singing! 


With regards Ojasvi and Sudevi!


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