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Ojasvi Kirtan © is a project, which started as an individual aspiration. Our goal is to get and to give a connection between our true nature and the source of this nature through Kirtan or ancient chant of Divine Sounds. With the help of experiences we got and the support of many well-wishers, our project is growing. It is transforming according to the movements of hearts of each of those whom we meet.

More than 20 years of yoga practice, the study of ancient yoga scriptures, travelings, and association with incredible people helped us to open horizons of our capacities. It made us become who we are.


 Ojasvi was born in 1975, in former Yugoslavia. From childhood, he has been very attracted to music and its aspect by which it describes the intimacy of the soul. But until the war in Bosnia, that was an unnoticed thing. These circumstances, in their way, provoked it to come to the surface. During wartime, Ojasvi is starting studying ancient Vedas. It directs him into the singing of the traditional Indian style of music. At the end of the war, he goes to India (Bengal, Delhi, Vrndavan). There he finally gets in touch with the original dimension of the devotional expression of the heart. In the next 20 years, he learned and explored different singing depths, especially the Kirtan style. With the guidance of his Spiritual teacher (Guru), He started to travel to other countries. Sharing the experiences of the deepest needs of the heart through Kirtan, and the psychology of understanding the human needs, which everyone has, he helps others to awake the understanding of our Self, God (Supreme Being and principal object of faith), and the connection between them (yoga).


 Sudevi was born in 1990 in Russia. Since childhood, she likes art and crafts but practically finds herself in professional sport and teaching. With years sport became art for her, and teaching helped to develop good management skills. But she could never feel real satisfaction from it. Later she will find a missed connection in yoga, and a new chapter of her life will start. All experiences will find place and realization, which will help her to feel completeness. Travel and life in India redirected her interests back to art and music. Finally, Kirtan happened in her life and never left. Inspired by changes in her heart, mind, and in-depth study of yoga scriptures and traditional (folk) Indian music, she hoped one day to become able to share it with others.

With such needs, each of us soon started spiritual practice. Each in their times and places, not even being aware of the existence of each-other. Our studies of the spiritual aspect of life started first as one of the other usual flows but transformed into serious research of ancient yoga scriptures. Especially we became attracted to practices of Bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion). Enriched musical culture, practical philosophical and psychological part of Vedic scriptures presented by authentic teachers, attracted us both. It encouraged our studies to the point of living almost like a monk, giving us enough inner peace to become able to unite our being spiritually and materially. At some time, life brought some turbulence, delivering us to the crossroads where you must choose almost final directions, set the course and sail it to its manifestation. It is there where we met. Man/woman matters played their roles and united us beautifully as husband and wife. All our experiences, musical, psychological, philosophical, unavoidable life and relationship experiences formed the activities which we as a couple are doing in our life. 

The meeting of these two seekers marked the beginning of the project Ojasvi Kirtan. As a husband and wife, as best friends, and as like-minded people, we dedicate our lives to connecting ourselves and others with our true Self and the Source of this Self - the Supreme Source of all power, fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty, renunciation, the most desirable happiness and Love, through Kirtan and sound meditation.



 Live Concerts /   Kirtan   Performances 





Sound / Meditation Workshops

Human Needs Seminars

 All that we do, like in the case with other people, started from simple things. First, it was a specific attraction to certain activities, some inclination inside of that activity. The need to expand yourself, to grow, was searching its place. But the atmosphere to "fit in" was always pulling to its side, trying to take away the life out of us! To "fit in" is good quality, but you need to be your complete self to be able to contribute to the society where you reside, to stay happy, to be genuine!  

 Already for many years, we were traveling, educating ourselves, participating in Kirtan (musical performances of spiritual mantras and prayers) events all over the globe. We launched different workshops, seminars, and counseling sessions, which all started from simple private, family, spiritual and practical life tips to different personalities, couples, troubled hearts, etc. We wished to shape our experiences properly. Our idea was to give good quality support to people with whom we are in contact or with whom we are about to meet in our travels, during different sessions (musical, psychological, philosophical). And so we started our project where all of them can find a place in one occupation named transformational visionaries combined with ancient wisdom all united inside of universal language called music where everybody can retrieve themselves and make the transformation!




We need to get an experience of a deeper dimension of the soul to understand the timeless mind. We learned to use the magnificent sound of ancient mantras to do it. These captivating songs present qualities of Brahman (Sanskrit word which means-Spirit) and Param Brahman (Sanskrit words for Supreme Spirit, the source of all). Being invited to different places, we perform live concerts. We sing Kirtan, an ancient and traditional way of performing music, which enabling the personal experience. If you seek contact with the Supreme Creator called in different traditions with different names, Kirtan is an authentic place where we can find it!
We are honored to present it to you from our side too. Let us take the journey where all our senses, mind, intellect, and emotions find a resting place!



In the world of music, we always feel free, feel what we are, and discover deeper realms of our presence in this miracle called life! That is what producing music is doing to us (Ojasvi Kirtan Team). Therefore, we invest time in studying and producing music, so we will become able to contribute from this side, too. The world of music production is various. It gives almost unlimited variations, but as we said, music is timeless and gives limitless opportunities for expression. Therefore, we want to share our part with you and the world in the sphere of music where everything is possible!



One of the services which we desire to offer is vocal courses where everyone, disregarding age, gender, appearant abilities, has the opportunity to unite all essentials of their personality through the utmost phenomenon existing, the music. Our voice is a powerful tool. Singing helps the heart and mind to find ways towards higher experiences if strategically guided.  To help you with that, we formed a strong strategy based on the South Indian "Carnatic" school of singing. Our experiences with people and music inspired us to improve this area on a higher level where everyone can make sure that dreams come true. It's our offer, our contribution to the planet and society. 
The emotion of being able to sing with more confidence and vision, strengthened with a deep feeling of worthiness, is so overwhelming and helps us massively on our way to the perfection of life, its balance, and union with the Supreme Lord!




Private lessons


1,5-months Transformational Vocal Course



These simple workshops enable us to make multiple changes on all levels of our existence through listening and sound pronunciation! Many of us are just stuck a little on our way of achieving what we think is the best for us, and because of that, we could feel nervous, intolerant, suppressed, and emotionless, sometimes projecting our blockages on others and the world. It is time to give ourselves deep experience and finally release the flow of positive energy!


We do these sessions whose very essence is to revile what is standing behind or which force is pushing us to make different choices! In our experience, there is an enormous need in society to understand human behavior. There is a need to refresh the manual for human existence, body, mind, intellect, and help each other build a more understanding and harmonious life, which shows us those hidden needs. Reservoirs of our success are hidden deeply behind superficial reactions. In our seminars, we learn how to understand the very essence of everyone's behavior.  Together we will learn to experience genuine emotions, which present an enormous moving force existing on the planet and whole creation!

Join us in attempts to support everyone's way into transformation, to spread information in their unique form, and make that all blossom into a beautiful perception, which is everyone's rightful heritage!

With love, Ojasvi Kirtan ©

Om Tat Sat