The vocal courses we are leading we formed to assist the best of your needs for vocal and personal development.


We desired to make, or let’s say, create additional courses where we will work privately with only one person at a time or private lessons! In this unprecedented time of the COVID virus, there is one great opportunity is given to us. Now it is a proper time to develop some of our skills and to support the development of good habits which can help us to:

  • clear out the vision of what his/her personal goals in singing are

  • go over unnatural limitations and taste the genuine form of our abilities and potentials 

  • become sure where and how to move in the recognized direction

  • stabilize our already manifested position

  • learn how to apply our talents in everyday life

  • learn how to present it to the public (if needed, mostly yes)

  • reaching the absolute peace and synchronicity in life

We will work with you on those aspects of your personality and life through maybe most appreciated mediums, which are “The Music” and your vocal cords, which are some of the most powerful tools we all can have! 

To reach success and genuine development in singing, one must practice regularly. To assure stability of practice for our students, we offer packages from 4 lessons per month. You choose how often you prefer to practice. However, to reach somewhat results, we suggest to everyone to attend classes twice per week. That is why give a complimentary discount if you buy 8 lessons at once!


Each lesson will last 60 min. However, we choose a personal approach with our students and their needs, and timings are adjustable.


Please fill in the form below, and we will reach you as soon as we get your email! Thank you.

Private Lessons Application Form

The admission fee for the 4 lessons package is 80 euro / The admission fee for the 8 lessons package is 148 euro 

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